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B. Avoiding Conflict of Interest

I.Non-trading in favor of himself and his relatives

ii. Receiving and Giving Gifts

iii. Political Activities

iv. Here's who separated ARMETAL Makina Doing Business with

C. Protection of Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

D. Our responsibilities

I. Legal Responsibilities

ii. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

iii. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

iv. Responsibilities to Supplier / Business Partners

vi. Our Responsibilities to Our Competitors

vi. Our Responsibilities Towards Society and Humanity

vii. ARMETAL Responsibilities towards the name



A. Methods and Procedures for Ethical Decision Making

B. Duties and Responsibilities

I. Duties and Responsibilities of Employees

ii. Duties and Responsibilities of Ethics Advisors

iii. Duties and Responsibilities of Managers

C. Resolving Incompatibilities

I. Ethics Committee Organization

ii. Ethics Committee Working Principles





Ethics, in its simplest devinition, conseders universally accepted value judgments bussines ethics covers

the principles that guides the behaviors in bussines world.

ARMETAL Makina’s basic values and principles guide form our business ethics' rules, our expectations

that form the basis of all our business relationships and transactions, standards and ethical practices.

ARMETAL Makina Ethical Rules and Working Principles involve ARMETAL MAKİNA METAL SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş.

(ARMETAL Makina) and all third participations acting on behalf of them and their employees.


Accuracy and honesty are our priority values in all our business processes and relationships with employees,

we act with integrity and honesty in our relationships.

B. Avoiding Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest may result in personal or it is the situation that shows the possibility of obtaining corporate interests

As ARMETAL, we are away from situations that may create a conflict of interest in our business activities.

In the event of a potential conflict of interest, we protect the related parties right in the legal way.

In case of doubt, we will consult with our manager or the Ethics Committee.

I. Non-trading in favor of himself and his relatives

In ARMETAL Makina companies, it is essential that employees who have a kinship relationship including

spouses and third degree relatives (including brother  in law relatives) do not have connection of reporting

with each other in the same organization or participate in decision-making mechanisms together. Managers

 and human resources recruiters who decide on recruitment processes the applicant has to take measures

to eliminate the conflict of interest when he / she is in a kinship relationship with the applicant and his / her

spouse and third degree. This can be achieved by alternative human resources officers who do not

have a conflict of interest.



* Within the scope of all our activities, the person, institution, organization and sides; potential employees,

especially our employees, customers and suppliers, investors , analysts, civil society and public institutions,

trade unions, subcontractors, competitors, media, public opinion, etc.

** 1 . degree relatives mother, father and children; 2. degree relatives grandmother, grandmother,

grandfather, sister and grandchildren; 3. derece akrabalar ise teyze, hala, amca, dayı ve yeğenleri kapsar.

4. In a conflict of interest, ARMETAL Makina employees must not have financial interests of their spouses

and third-degree relatives in any organization that is in a supplier or customer relationship or in an effort to do

business. It is essential that the employees of ARMETAL Makina are not in partnership, board membership,

consultancy and employee relations with these organizations.

In the above-mentioned cases, employees should consult their managers or the Ethics Committee.

The fact that ARMETAL Makina employees do not engage in activities requiring direct and indirect traders

’or‘ tradesmen, regardless of the name, is another person during or outside working hours. And / or the

institution does not work in return for wages or similar benefits. employees may work outside the working

hours for another person (family member, friend, other third parties) and / or the organization for

remuneration or similar benefits, but this should not create a conflict of interest, should not adversely affect

the maintenance of these duties and the Company's Human Resources Manager and General Manager must

be approved. Personnel working with the duties of arbitration, mediation and expertise given by the Judicial

or Administrative Authorities are excluded from this restriction.

ii. Receiving and Giving Gifts

ARMETAL Makina employees do not request gifts, earnings, assistance, entertainment, special discounts,

commissions or discounts that may affect their impartiality, decisions and behavior for their own benefit, or

they should not accept such offers.

Gifts that do not doubt that they have a symbolic meaning and do not exceed 100 USD from persons or

entities with whom a business relationship is excluded. Our employees, cash or cash equivalent gifts,

regardless of the amount, do not accept or borrow from suppliers, consultants, competitors or customers.

Our employees can orginize leisure and dining activities within the business.

World within reasonable limit and be a participant of seminars and similar events. In the seminars and similar

organizations representing the company, other than money, as a tribute to the day and symbolic value of

awards, blankets and similar gifts can be received. In activities where our employees are sponsored by third

parties or undertake expenses (entertainment, free of charge) training, seminars, accommodation, excursions,

meals, etc.They are expected to pay attention to situations that may create a conflict of interest. ARMETAL

Makina knows that the rejection of the specified offers in certain situations may negatively affect the

customer relations. Therefore, free of charge from third parties or customers or potential customers

conference, promotion meeting, training etc. purposeful participation offers, organizations open to general

participation, sports and similar activities can only be accepted with the written approval of a top manager.

Our employees cannot give gifts to the institutions and individuals with whom they have business relations

except for the gifts prepared by the company for publicity purposes. Gifts and promotional materials

determined to be given to customers and other third parties with whom the business relationship has been

approved must be approved by the Corporate Affairs Executive.

5. Giving mutual gifts above the values determined in the company policy of local cultural values

In such exceptional cases, these gifts are subject to consideration by the company's ethical

committee. Referring can only be accepted on behalf of the company. Gift exchange in any case in

accordance with local culture. In this context, the accepted gifts are evaluated in-house instead of personal

use. It is essential. Under no circumstances can bribe and / or commission be given, received or proposed

iii. Political Activities

ARMETAL Makina employees as individuals and voluntarily in the political activities conditions.

• Due to the political activities of the employees they should avoid situations that create conflict.

• Company name, title and company resources in individual political activities available.

• Political propaganda cannot be made during working hours and workplace environment.

It cannot be asked to be a member of a political party and the time of other employees cannot be taken

İn relation to these activities.

iv. Those who quit their jobs to do business with ARMETAL Makina

In order for the employees who leave ARMETAL Makina to do business with ARMETAL Makina companies

through sales, contracting, consulting, brokerage, representation, dealership or similar forms;

• There should be no disciplinary record about the company he worked for

• There should be no conflict of interest in the group company he / she has worked for due to his / her duties.

 Provided that these conditions are fulfilled, those who leave the job may do business with ARMETAL

 Makina. The report must be approved by the ethics committee.

C. Protection of Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

Knowledge is one of the most important assets that ARMETAL Makina will use to realize its vision. In this

 direction, the effective use of information, the correct sharing of information and information in this process

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our employees is the common responsibility of our

 employees. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to; In addition to intellectual property rights

and all kinds of innovations of ARMETAL Makina; database written, invented, developed or implemented by employees; printed communication materials, business processes, advertising, product packaging and labels and business plans (marketing, product, technical), business strategies, strategic partnerships and information about partners, financial information, employees' personal information, customer lists, price, product designs, know-how, specifications, identification of potential and real customers, information about suppliers and all other written, graphical or Makina-readable information.

6. Application basics

ARMETAL Makina employees should show sensitivity to confidential information and comply with the

Principles below.

• Confidential information cannot be disclosed to third parties unless required to be disclosed in accordance

with judicial decisions and legislation.

• Confidential information must not be altered, copied or destroyed. Necessary precautions are taken to keep

the information carefully and not to reveal it. Changes to the information are recorded together with their


• Confidential documents and information should not be taken outside the institution. Mandatory cases that

need to be taken out of the institution approval of the person responsible for the information and the top

manager of the relevant parent unit (General Manager).

• Passwords, user codes, authorizations, and similar identifying information used to access company

information systems should be kept confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone other than authorized


• Company confidential information in dining halls, cafeterias, elevators, service carts and so on. should not

be spoken in public places.

• If information is shared with third parties and / or organizations for the benefit of the company, such person

and organizations' responsibility for the security and protection of shared information.

confidentiality agreement is signed or opposed for information sharing. written confidentiality commitment.

 In these applications, it is essential to get support from legal units.

• All official statements are made available to investors and partners through the units designated by the

company in a timely and comprehensible manner.

• No unfounded statements and / or gossip about individuals or institutions can be made.

• Remuneration, benefits, etc. of personalized personnel reflecting the Company's policy.personal information

is confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone except the authorities. Employee information is sent to

the person privately. Personnel may not disclose this information to others or pressure other employees to

disclose the information.

• Even if it is not stated in writing that it is confidential, is required is the responsibility of protecting the

privacy of our employees, ARMETAL Maki na'in which they work during the period and if they leave work.


D. Our Responsibilities

As ARMETAL Makine, we act responsibly in our business activities. Legal our responsibility

Besides the; our customers, employees, suppliers and our competitors, society, humanity and ARMETAL

Makina listed below behalf against We take care to fulfill our responsibilities.

I. Legal Responsibilities

Turkey and all the activities and operations of our existing domestic laws of the Republic abroad and

İnternational legal, legal and regulatory institutions and organizations accurate, complete and understandable

 information on time.

7. While conducting all our business activities, all public institutions and organizations, administrative

formation, non-governmental organization and political parties without any expectation of interest.

ii. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

Customer satisfaction oriented, the needs and demands of our customers as soon as possible, the most

Accurate answer , we work with a proactive understanding. We provide our services on time and under our

Promised conditions; we treat our customers with respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy. The secret

of our customers is we carefully protect their information.

vi. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

We ensure that the personal rights of our employees are fully and correctly exercised. Our employees are

honest and we are committed to a fair, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. The

individual of our employees development of social responsibility and social responsibility. We encourage

them to volunteer for the activities, and observe the balance between business and private life establishing

and maintaining a fair and safe working environment:

• All applicable laws and regulations concerning company practices, employment and working life compatible.

 Company employees also fulfill all legal requirements within the scope of their activities and acts

in accordance with legal regulations.

•ARMETAL Makina human resources policies and practices; recruitment, promotion-transfer-rotation,

Performance management, remuneration, rewarding, social rights, education etc. Fair of all other applications

makes it happen.

• Language, race, color, gender, political thought, belief, religion, sect, age, physical

discrimination due to obstacles and similar reasons is unacceptable.

• Creating a positive and harmonious working environment that supports cooperation in the company and

 preventing conflict environments.

people with different beliefs, thoughts and opinions are provided to work in harmony. Workplace religious

propaganda cannot be made.

• Workplace physical working environment and conditions are ensured to be healthy and safe for all


• Managers are prohibited from entering into a debt-to-credit relationship with employees.

Respect and privacy in the workplace:

• ARMETAL Makina employees are open, respectful, sharing their thoughts and opinions in their relations

with each other, they act honestly, responsibly and within the rules of courtesy.

• Private and family life and personal areas of all employees are respected.

• Any oral, written and electronic communication between persons, registration without their prior consent

cannot be shared, shared with others and / or published. This communication is in accordance with the law it

is forbidden to disseminate and use it for any purpose, even if it is recorded.

• Personnel arising from the nature of the business relationship in the workplaces

personal information is not used for purposes other than its purpose and is not shared with third parties

without the consent of the persons.

8. Harassment and psychological harassment:

• To our employees or to our stakeholders with whom we have business relations physical, sexual and / or

emotional, in the workplace or in any other place of employment. any breach of immunity through

harassment is not tolerated. Such violation possible negative attitudes towards those reporting and behavior

is considered a violation of our code of ethics.

• dismiss the targeted person to be evaluated within the scope of psychological mobbing. Systematic and

planned aiming to cool down, decrease performance, lead to resignation behavior is not tolerated.

vi. Responsibilities to our Supplier

Acts fairly and respectfully as expected from a good customer, fulfilling our obligations on time. We take the

necessary care. We provide confidential information about individuals and organizations we protect with


vi. Our Responsibilities to Our Competitors

We compete only in areas that are legal and ethical, and avoid unfair competition. ARMETAL Makina

Competition Laws' document sets out the principles  in terms of compliance with the legislation and is involving for all employees. As ARMETAL Makina, we aim to provide targeted competitive structure in society.

vii. Our Responsibilities Towards Society and Humanity

Protection of democracy, human rights and the environment; social responsibility, elimination of crime and

corruption is very important to us. We are sensitive about the culture of Turkey and the countries which are

in relation with Turkey about projects . Labor Law and against child labor in Turkey Republic, we comply with

ILO agreements, our suppliers also compliance with the legislation.

It is strictly forbidden to keep children in the work areas even if they do not work in the field.


viii. ARMETAL Makina Responsibilities

Our customers rely on us for our professional competence and integrity. This is our reputation we try to

keep it at the highest level. Our services include company policies, professional standards, within the

framework of commitments and ethical rules offers the necessary dedication to fulfill our obligations. We'll


9. We take care to serve in areas that we believe we are and will be professionally competent, we aim to

work with customers, partners and employees who meet the criteria of accuracy and legitimacy.

We do not work with those who damage society morality and harm the environment and public health.

In public and in areas where listeners think we speak on behalf of our company, not our opinion, only

we express our company's views.

ARMETAL Makina can put our company at risk or beyond our knowledge and competence the appropriate

 technical and administrative consultation procedures with appropriate personnel consult. Information assets

provided by the Company must be used for business purposes.

This information assets covered hardware (desktop / laptop, terminal, portable data storage

environments, printer (fax / copier devices, etc.), software (all software installed on clients and servers),

service (email, internet access, network resources) and company-owned data components.

ARMETAL Makina reserves the right to impose restrictions on backup, reporting, inspection and usage of the

employees' corporate information assets.

We show sensitivity in protecting company assets. We avoid loss, damage, misuse and waste of company

assets. Under any name and on behalf of the Company. We do not use company assets and opportunities

outside of company business for any benefit whatsoever.


A. Methods and Procedures for Ethical Decision Making

The following questions should be taken into account when deciding on an action plan:

• Does this activity / behavior comply with laws, internal policies and procedures?

• Is this activity / behavior balanced and fair? Would we be uncomfortable if the competitor (someone else)

did it?

• Would our company be disturbed if all the details of this event were heard by the public?

• To what extent does the gerçek reality to be perceived ört coincide with the “objective reality?? How to

Reflect the media  and what would a reasonable person think?


B. Duties and Responsibilities

I. Duties and Responsibilities of Employees

Ethical rules and principles of work, how to behave and how we should do our job.

III. Application

10. It sets out the basic rules. Compliance with these rules is the primary responsibility of all employees. All

ARMETAL employees should have to obey ;

• Acting in compliance with laws and regulations in all circumstances,


• To learn and apply the policies and procedures specific to the general and task areas applicable to the


• Act in full compliance with the rules and regulations set out in the scope of Occupational Health and Safety

and taking the necessary precautions while doing business.

•ARMETAL Makina to participate in the training on ethical rules and working principles, reading the

relevant documents, understanding and acting accordingly.

• Declaring a declaration of compliance with the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct on an annual basis

(only for paid staff ).

• Ethical line communication channels identified as anonymous or anonymous immediately for possible

Violations to the Ethics Committee in writing or verbally; avoidance.

• To cooperate with the Ethics Committee in ethical investigations and to keep confidential information

about the review responsibility.

ii. Duties and Responsibilities of Ethics Advisors

Etik Kural Danışmanları;

• To guide the questions and issues raised by the employees about ethics within the company

• To direct the Ethical Committee to the ethical nonconformities that cannot be resolved within the company

or that require an investigation.,

• To contribute to the resolution of the internal ethical nonconformities received by the Ethics Committee,

• To report to the Ethics Committee on a regular basis or upon request,

• To be the contact person of the company in the investigations made by the Ethics Committee and to give

the necessary support to the investigations,

• It is responsible for monitoring, monitoring and supporting the effectiveness of ethical practices in the


Ethical Rule Advisors are the top managers responsible for human resources within each ARMETAL Makina


iii. Duties and Responsibilities of Managers

ARMETAL Makina managers, who are defined for employees working in accordance with the Code of Ethics

and beyond their responsibilities. Accordingly, managers;

• Establish and maintain a corporate culture and work environment that supports ethical rules

to provide,


• From being an example to the implementation of ethical rules by conducting, from train,

• To support employees in communicating their questions, complaints and notifications regarding ethical


• Provide guidance on what to do when consulted, consider all notifications communicated and to the Ethics

Committee as soon as necessary,

• Structuring business processes under its responsibility to minimize risks related to ethical issues and apply

the necessary methods and approaches to ensure compliance with ethical rules. It is responsible.

C. Resolving Incompatibilities

I. Ethics Committee Organization

Incompatibilities in ethical issues are resolved within the body of ARMETAL Makina Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee consists of the Armetal Makina Human Resources Manager.

The Internal Audit Senior Manager is the rapporteur of the Ethics Committee. The functioning of the Ethics

Committee, decision-making processes, relations with Disciplinary Boards and reporting practices in

companies, Discipline applications are described in detail in the Procedure.

ii. Ethics Committee Working Principles

The Ethics Committee conducts its activities in accordance with the following principles:

• Notices and complaints and the identity of those who make a notification or complaint are

confidential. Ethical infringement notification possible retaliatory attitudes and behaviors towards employees

or persons adopts a preventive policy.

• Conducts the investigation in accordance with confidentiality rules.

• Has the authority to request information, documents and evidence directly related to the investigation from

the existing unit.

•It may examine any information and documents obtained only by the subject of the investigation.

• The investigation process is recorded in writing from the beginning. Information, evidence and documents

are added to the minutes.

• The minutes shall be signed by the chairman and members.

• The investigation is dealt with promptly and the result is reached as quickly as possible.

• Decisions taken by the Board shall be implemented immediately.

• The relevant departments and authorities are informed about the result.

• The chairman and members of the Board act independently and unaffected by the department managers

and the hierarchy within the organization while performing their duties on this issue. No pressure or

suggestion can be given to them

• The Board may seek expert opinion if it deems necessary the committee may take advantage of the experts

by taking measures that do not violate the principles of confidentiality during the investigation. ARMETAL

Makina has been published with the approval of Ethical Rules once a year needs, changing conditions and

current applications are reviewed. You can use the following communication channels or contact Ethics

Committee members you can contact directly.


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